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Skulls of Torture Victims Pol Pot Regime Khmer Rouge Phnom Penh Cambodia

A Turkish official, tormenting starving Armenian children with a piece of bread. (Wikipedia)

Enver Pasha and other Unionists were convicted to death in absentia for bringing the Empire into World War I and organizing massacres against Greeks and Armenians.
Nicola Perscheid/Wikimedia

The Armenian Genocide
The books by Taner Akcam are particularly interesting to me because he is Turkish: the Turkish Government denies the Armenian Genocide; Nazi Germany copied the Turks eliminating people they considered expendable….

Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute 7.JPG
By Hanay - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, Armenia המוזיאון לרצח העם הארמני בירוואן בירת ארמניה Armenian doctors hanged in Aleppo Square, 1916 רופאים ארמניים שנתלו בככר באלפו בשנת 1916

The Turkish Kristallnacht, anti-Greek, Armenian and Jewish pogrom in Istanbul in 1955.

Dr. Aykan Erdemir (…..outspoken defender of pluralism, minority rights, and religious freedoms in the Middle East)

KRISTALLNACHT. "Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, also called the November pogrom(s) was a pogrom against Jews carried out by the Nazi Party's Sturmabteilung (SA) …"Wikipedia

Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire

Public Domain, Link

Teaser trailer for the animated short TOKEI MARU (Japanese Merchant ship - Japanese Helped Save Armenians and Greeks During Genocide) animated and directed by Zachos Samoladas:
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Nanako Murata-Sawayanagi

Vimeo Clip

King Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold ii garter knight.jpg
Public Domain, Link

By Alice Harris, Daniel Danielson, others. - King Leopold's Soliloquy: A Defense of His Congo Rule, By Mark Twain, Boston: The P. R. Warren Co., 1905, Second Edition., Public Domain, Link

Victim of Congo atrocities, Congo, ca. 1890-1910 (IMP-CSCNWW33-OS10-19).jpg
By Unknown -, Public Domain, Link

Genocide in Soviet Karelia

Many Karelias.png
By User:Jniemenmaa - Transferred from English Wikipedia (File:Many_Karelias.png); see original upload log
Data source: Karjala: Karjala-nimistä. Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskeskuksen julkaisuja 129., CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Katyn: The Massacre Stalin Tried To Blame On The Nazis - ( and now under Putin?: Smolensk plane crash 2011 report 'was result of doctored evidence).

A mass grave, with multiple corpses visible
By Unknown - "Zbrodnia katyńska w świetle dokumentów / z przedm. Władysława Andersa", Public Domain, Link

Katyń, ekshumacja ofiar.jpg
By unknown , Photo of Polish Red Cross delegation - Zbrodnia katyńska w świetle dokumentów / z przedm. Władysława Andersa. Wiele wydań przed 1994, Public Domain, Link

Katyn - decision of massacre p1.jpg
By Lavrentiy Beria - РГАСПИ Ф. 17 оп. 166 дело 621 лист 130. Подлинник. Scan from
This is a colour photocopy of official document residing in the Russian archive RGASPI, a b/w copy of which had been legally transferred into the property of Polish Government, and first published in Poland in 1992., Public Domain, Link

Katyn massacre 8.jpg
By Unknown - "Zbrodnia katyńska w świetle dokumentów" with preface of Gen Władysław Anders 1946, many editions in Poland before 1994
Andrzej Leszek Szcześniak (1989) Katyń: Relacje, Wspomnienia, Publicystyka, Warsaw: Wydawnictwa ALFA ISBN 83-7001-296-5, Public Domain, Link

Katastrofa w Smoleńsku.jpg
By See OTRS ticket for details. - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash

This is a very interesting topic; many Americans who wanted to avoid the Depression went to Russia for work, only to end up in Stalin’s gulags:

The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia (Tim Tzouliadis)

Holodomor (Goodreads)

By Unknown - Central State Audiovisual Archives of Ukraine., Public Domain, Link

A "Red Train" of carts from the "Wave of Proletarian Revolution" collective farm in the village of Oleksiyivka, Kharkiv oblast in 1932. "Red Trains" took the first harvest of the season's crop to the government depots. During the Holodomor, these brigades were part of the Soviet Government's policy of deliberately taking away food from the peasants.

Communists attacking a parade of Ukrainians in Chicago. 17.12.1933.jpg
By Unknown - Photo published by ACME Newspictures Inc. - ukr_vintage, Public Domain, Link

American communists attacking a demonstration of Ukrainians against Holodomor, Depression-era Chicago, December 1933

By Alexander Wienerberger - [1] [2], Public Domain, Link

Starved peasants on a street in Kharkiv, 1933. In Famine in the Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933: a memorial exhibition, Widener Library, Harvard University. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard College Library: Distributed by Harvard University Press, 1986. Procyk, Oksana. Heretz, Leonid. Mace, James E. (James Earnest). ISBN: 0674294262. Page 35. Initially published in Muss Russland Hungern? [Must Russia Starve?], published by Wilhelm Braumüller, Wien [Vienna] 1935.

- Stalin's Famine-Genocide in Ukraine

Stalin's Murders
- Goodreads

East Timor: Media Turned Their Backs on Genocide

Italian Fascists in Ethiopia

Victims of Red Terror (Ethiopia)

Jasenovac-Serbian Holocaust

Ustaše militia execute prisoners near the Jasenovac concentration camp.jpg
By Unknown - USHMM Photograph #78512, Public Domain, Link

Ustaše militia executing people over a mass grave near Jasenovac concentration camp

Corpses in the Sava river, Jasenovac camp, 1945.jpg
By Unknown - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Photograph #85196 The bodies of Jasenovac prisoners floating in the Sava River., Public Domain, Link

Srbosjek (knife) used in Croatia - 1941–1945.jpg
By Unknown - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Photograph #46725, Public Domain, Link

An agricultural knife nicknamed "Srbosjek" or "Serbcutter", strapped to the hand. It was used by the Ustaše militia for the speedy killing of inmates at Jasenovac

Tulsa race massacre "The Tulsa race massacre took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents, some of them deputized and given weapons by city officials,[12] attacked Black residents and destroyed homes and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US." Wikipedia……

Mao's Famine

Literature about Pol Pot

Hitler's Genocide

Deportation of Crimean Tatars ordered by Stalin

Russia’s crackdown on Crimean Tatars foreshadows wider repression

Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People


Massacres during the Greek War of Independence

The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians

Frank Dikkoter (Website)
Mao's Great Leap to Famine (Dikotter, Article)

Genocide in the 20th Century: Massacres in Tibet: 1966-76

Cultural Genocide of Tibet

Canada Tibet Committee

Formosa Betrayed (Roger Ebert)"Formosa Betrayed" is a political thriller with an agenda. It argues that Formosa, now known as Taiwan, has been the pawn of great powers for centuries. Occupied by Japan in the pre-World War II years, it was claimed by the Nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek after the war, and his army retreated there after its defeat by Red China. Although Americans have long been schooled that Chiang flew the banner of freedom, the film says he seized property, killed thousands of native Formosans, wiped out the leadership class and established a dictatorship…."

Bystanders to the Holocaust: A Re-evaluation/David Cesarani
American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World/David E Stannard
Taking Hawaii: How Thirteen Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawaii in 1893, With a Bluff

Genocide Book Lists - Goodreads

Popular Genocide Books - Goodreads

End Genocides

The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople
Holy Fools in Byzantium and Beyond


Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, and I believe this is before the Turks turned it into a Mosque (I don't see any minarets)…..

The article below is a pointless excuse regarding the Fourth Crusade:
Reflections on the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 and Lesser-Known Byzantine Atrocities
Apologists still don’t get the damage this Crusade has caused in Europe and to this day we’re still feeling the remnants…..

Here is more information about the sack by the Latins:
Following the death of Manuel I in 1180, his widow, the Latin princess Maria of Antioch, acted as regent to her infant son Alexios II Komnenos. Her regency was notorious for the favoritism shown to Latin merchants and the big aristocratic land-owners, and was overthrown in April 1182 by Andronikos I Komnenos, who seized the crown.[1][11] Almost immediately, his actions spilled over into violence towards the Latins, and after entering the city's Latin quarter a mob of his supporters began attacking the inhabitants.[12]
Many had anticipated the events and escaped by sea.[3] However, Cardinal John, the papal legate, was beheaded and his head was dragged through the streets at the tail of a dog.[3]
A few years later, Andronikos I was deposed, handed over to a mob, tortured, and summarily executed in the Hippodrome by Latin soldiers.)

I think it’s important to know Belisarius and the sack of Naples happened in 536 and at that time Constantinople was more Latin than Greek; it was not until around 610 to 641 when the Emperor Heraclius made Greek the official language.
(Belissarius may be the bearded man on Emperor's Justinian's right; Maximianus is written in Latin characters/Mosaic, Church of San Vitale, Ravenna Italy)


As far as atrocities go just tell me who wasn’t cruel in the Middle Ages, and one can hardly say the Greeks were the worst. Catholics in particular have no right as they were notoriously cruel.

The Book by Ernle Bradford called “The Great Betrayal: The Story of the Fourth Crusade” is uncommonly more sympathetic towards the Greeks. Niketas Choniates actually lived through that period and partly blamed the idle rich who took no interest in anything except their lavish lifestyles; he also claims the Ottomans never showed such utter disrespect towards the Byzantines like the Catholics did as they sacked the city:
“O City of Byzantiumtranslated by Harry J Magoulias-1984(free download)
Reflections on the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 and Lesser-Known Byzantine Atrocities