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Friends of Terpsichore

One case of Trichotillomania - rare condition of pulling out one’s hair - including eyelashes and eyebrows -and sometimes eating it - a form of self mutilation addiction.
Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Disorder)

When Sabina Spielrein returned to Russia in 1923 she opened a kindergarten where children were to be raised as free persons as early in life as possible. Although Stalin had enrolled his own son Vasily under a false name, the institution was closed by the authorities using doctored-up sexual perversions on the children as an excuse.
Her husband Pavel Scheftel died in Stalin’s Great Terror in 1936, and her brother, a pioneering Soviet psychologist, also in 1937. Sabina Spielrein and her two daughters were murdered by Nazi troops in 1942:
By Unknown - Family photo, Public Domain, Link

Sabina Spielrein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
»Ich hiess Sabina Spielrein«
ISFP Gallery of Russian Thinkers: Sabina Spielrein
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Child of Rage The FULL Documentary (youtube)

The following is an extreme case of child abuse; Theresa Knorr née Cross (born 12, 1946) is a mother and murderer, known for severely abusing and murdering two of her children (girls) while using the other two children (boys) to facilitate and cover up her crimes….."

QUEEN VICTORIA AND THE CRIPPLED KAISER (The Kaiser, fraught with psychological problems, led his country (and Europe) to a disastrous mess).


Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.

Module 1: Introduction to Global Mental Health: Effects of Mental Health on Individuals and Populations and Effects of Psychological Disorders on Society (same information as previous link)
Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses
The Catastrophic Effects of Mental Health Stigma
Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of their bedrooms - BBC News

Sidis, a Child Prodigy


Bully OnLine: bullying in the workplace, school, family and community, action you can take, stress, psychiatric injury, PTSD, resources, case histories, news and contact the media

Pekingese breeders having to deal with their bully dogs:
Pekingese puppies fighting as if they are trying to crash everything!

Reena Virk was murdered on November 14, 1997, after being lured by friends to a party under a secluded bridge. (The Bully Kills)
Murder of Reena Virk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Under the Bridge: The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk

Mob Mentality
Pack mentality
“Herd” Mentality Explained | Psych Central News
Gangs blamed in northern teen's death
Derrion Albert, 16, Beaten To Death In 'Mob Action
BBC News - Profile: Meredith Kercher
Amanda Knox: Top 10 Points That Raised Questions During Her Murder Trial

Honour Killings; the most stupid tradition in the East:
Jaswinder Kaur Sidhu

Her mother MALKIAT KAMUR and uncle SURJIT SINGH BADESHA ordered her killing.
The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Main News


The Guardian - Acid attacks;
Still Smiling - The women fighting back after acid attacks
Acid attack survivor Reshma Bano takes part in NY Fashion Week
These Pakistani Women Rejected Marriage Proposals. This Is What They Got In Return

Acid attack victims before and after
6 Heartwarming Stories Of Acid Attack Survivors Who Got Their Happily Ever After
Death of activist Gandziuk shocks nation, protesters demand proper investigation (UPDATED; VIDEO)

École Polytechnique massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Honouring the victims of the Montreal Massacre
The Women (J'haïs les féministes! Vous êtes une bande de féministes)!
Genevieve Bergeron, 21, was a 2nd year scholarship student in civil engineering.

Helene Colgan, 23, was in her final year of mechanical engineering and planned to take her master's degree.

Nathalie Croteau, 23, was in her final year of mechanical engineering.

Barbara Daigneault, 22, was in her final year of mechanical engineering and held a teaching assistantship.

Anne-Marie Edward, 21, was a first year student in chemical engineering.

Maud Haviernick, 29, was a 2nd year student in engineering materials, a branch of metallurgy, and a graduate in environmental design.

Barbara Maria Klucznik, 31, was a 2nd year engineering student specializing in engineering materials.

Maryse Laganiere, 25, worked in the budget department of the Polytechnique.

Maryse Leclair, 23, was a 4th year student in engineering materials.

Anne-Marie Lemay, 27, was a 4th year student in mechanical engineering.

Sonia Pelletier, 28, was to graduate the next day in mechanical engineering. She was awarded a degree posthumously.

Michele Richard, 21, was a 2nd year student in engineering materials.

Annie St-Arneault, 23, was a mechanical engineering student.

Annie Turcotte, 21, was a first year student in engineering materials.

Victims of Lockerbie (Passengers and crew):
Shadow Over Lockerbie
List including residents:
The Victims | Victims of Pan Am Flight 103

Victims of 9/11:
These are the nearly 3,000 names as they appear inscribed in bronze on the (9/11) Memorial. Every name can be located by the panel on which it is inscribed.
The tiny town that became a beacon of hope on 9/11 | 60 Minutes Australia
MH17 crash: The 298 who perished
NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR VICTIM ASSISTANCE® (NOVA) :: promoting rights and services for victims of crime and crisis everywhere :: National Organization for Victim Assistance® (NOVA) ::
Citizens Against Homicide
Office for Victims of Crime
Canadian Resource Centre For Victims of Crime
Elizabeth Badinter:
Élisabeth Badinter - Wikipédia
Élisabeth Badinter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Elisabeth Badinter distorts feminism the better to fight it

Social and cultural evolution