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Friends of Terpsichore

Remarks at the Festival of Economics
Robert Mundell
The Works of Robert Mundell

YouTube - Windows Swastika (When you click on the link you’ll see this: "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised….” THIS IS ONLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR MICROSOFT

Gates Foundation money works at cross purposes

Revealed: Gates Foundation's $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments
Some of the following sites are outdated but are still worth looking at:

LUGOD: Reasons to avoid Microsoft

Microsoft Financial Fraud Update
The MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Web Sites

Microsoft the Ultimate Pyramid Scheme?
anti-microsoft - Google Search
Linux Today - Microsoft's 'Openness' Pledge A Potential Patent Trap, Gartner Warns
Transparency International

Internet Center for Corruption Research
Corruption and reform (Strategic Institute Programme) - CMI Projects and Programmes

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Social and cultural evolution

Blue Grotto's crystal waters contaminated by raw sewage

Mafia Are One Of Italy's Biggest Money Makers |Sky News|UK News

Asymmetric Warfare: It's not just for the other guys

Destroying slums to replace them with skyscrapers does not get rid of the “problem” of slums. Many slum dwellers are very attached to their homes, and are also very productive people. Nowadays, technology is advanced enough to make these areas cleaner and more habitable without disrupting the way of life:
Oil-for-Food Programme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RAND | Palestine Initiative

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The "pro-life" terrorists |

Abuse Articles: Circle of Trust Abuse Articles and Media Reports : The Zero 5.0laf - The Official Website of Andrew Vachss
Every anti-abortionist (anti-choice and pro-birth) should either adopt (Child Search) or should drop whatever job they are doing and get involved full time in child-abuse prevention:
Child abuse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia