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Friends of Terpsichore

Toronto Artist Catherine Tammaro
First Nations Artists:
Venture West Native Arts - BC Native Art - Jewellery, Carvings
Canadian Native American Art Gallery : Masks, Jewellery, Carvings, Prints
David Neel
Dorothy Grant
Bill Reid Gallery
Bill Reid Foundation
Haida Artist Robert Davidson
Richard Adkins, Haida artist > Spirit Wrestler Gallery

Indian Group of Seven
Emily Carr - Biography of a Canadian Artist - Art History Archive

Emily Carr - Totem Walk at Sitka, 1907.jpg
By Emily Carr -, Public Domain, Link

Emily Carr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

War Canoes, Alert Bay.jpeg
By Emily Carr -, Public Domain, Link

Art by Emily Carr

Group of Seven (artists) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Metcalf Chateau, also known as The Group of Seven,[1] was a group of Asian-American artists with ties to Honolulu.

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Saami Council | Sámiráđđi | Samerådet | Saamelaisneuvosto | Sami Council tel/phone +358-16-677351 | fax +358-16-677353

World of Lapponia

Handmade in Helsinki
Lapponia is a manifestation of strong artistic vision, combined with skillful Finnish craftsmanship. All Lapponia jewelry is handmade in Helsinki.

World Fair Trade Organization

Luxury brands must wake up to ethical and environmental responsibilities | Simon Birch | Environment |

Conscientious consumption: Ethical trend gains in luxury market - The New York Times - Handmade Gifts: Jewelry, Arts, Crafts, Accessories, Clothing.
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