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The 28th Maori Battalion performing the Haka in North Africa during WW2. Fierce warriors, they fought in Greece, Crete, North Africa and Italy. The Germans were better armed, however on a one-on-one with a Maori the German didn't stand a chance.

28th Maori Battalion March to Victory - YouTube


Indigenous Australians during WW1 and WW2

List: Australian Aboriginal Soldiers in WWI and WWII

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies

28 (Maori) Battalion - Greece and Crete (WW2)
The Māori infantrymen earned a fearsome reputation for their skill with the bayonet.
C Company haka party meet the King of Greece in June 1941 at their camp in Helwan, Egypt

Māori Battalion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
28th Maori Battalion (Home)
28 (Maori) Battalion | NZETC (ebook)

75(nz)squadron (New Zealand)
Aboriginals and the Canadian Military
First Nations contributions to WW I and WW II: Lest we forget (Canada)
The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details
Aboriginal Veterans Tribute homepage
First Nations Veterans Memorial - Committee

Families of Sisters in Spirit
Red Circle Alert (Missing Indigenous Women)


Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organization


Reconciliation Canada (dialogue is fine but how about working to improve First Nations' living conditions? This would be a good start)

CRIMEAN TATARS (International Committee for Crimea Inc.)

First Nations Artists:
Toronto Artist Catherine Tammaro
Jewellery, Carvings
Canadian Native American Art Gallery : Masks, Jewellery, Carvings, Prints
David Neel
Dorothy Grant
Bill Reid Gallery
Bill Reid Foundation
Haida Artist Robert Davidson
Frieda Diesing Haida Artist
Native Art Jewelry Canada - David Neel Kwakiutl

5 Unique Minority Peoples You've Never Heard Of

Indigenous Tourism - Canada

Paul Goble’s life and work (“His art is tremendous because he is able to recreate the traditional forms with great accuracy and detail. The designs he draws are completely authentic and his colors are the same ones that were used by the old-timers before the reservation days. He is able to recreate the spirit of the old stories with his illustrations and his words.”

Joe Medicine Crow
, Crow Tribal Historian, and oldest living member of the Crow Tribe

Sami people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
…"One of the main purposes of the Saami Council has been to promote the human rights of the Saami and other indigenous peoples. The Saami Council is actively participating in different processes and meetings on the international level, in UN and other contexts"….
Saami Council | Sámiráđđi | Samerådet | Saamelaisneuvosto | Sami Council tel/phone +358-16-677351 | fax +358-16-677353
Romani People
The truth about Gypsies
…….Hordes of asylum-seeking Gypsy thieves are overrunning our welfare state and using their children as props to beg money on our streets. Or so the tabloids would have it. ……….
Gypsies, Roma, Travellers: An Animated History

A hated people: Truth about gypsies
Famous Gypsies
Roma Establish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Belgrade

Aboriginal trackers in NSW given 'long overdue' recognition for law enforcement work

Ted Egan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ted Egan - I have been writing and recording songs, filming and writing about the Australian people


Urban Rez
Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change | IsumaTV

The Government of Canada's Approach to Implementation of the Inherent Right and the Negotiation of Aboriginal Self-Government

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Welcome from The First Nations Summit
The Indian Group of Seven and the birth of the Woodlands School of Art
Freda Diesing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Indigenous Peoples literature:
Welcome to Indigenous Peoples Literature
First Nations Seeker - Indian Tribes - Native Americans

Main Page - NativeWiki

Louis Riel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pre-Columbian Latin America, Mainly in Spanish:
Arqueologia Andina y Tiwanaku Andean and Tiwanaku Archaeology
Taking Hawaii: How Thirteen Honolulu Businessmen Overthrew the Queen of Hawaii in 1893, with a Bluff

- Native American Topics -Native American Indian Tribes - Over 2,000 articles on native american indians, their culture & traditions.
We Shall Remain | American Experience | PBS
The Gurkhas

Indigenous Australians during WW2
All In - indigenous service - Australia’s War 1939-1945

Native Americans in World War II

The deadliest sniper of WWI was (Canadian) Francis Pegahmagabow, an Ojibwa (1st Nations) soldier

Aboriginals and the Canadian Military

Indigenous Saskatchewan Encyclopaedia
Aboriginal Veterans Tribute homepage
First Nations Veterans Memorial - Committee

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples:
UNPO - Home

TVE Asia Pacific (Human Rights)
Video Empowers Human Rights Activists
Dalit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Native Hawaiians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kingdom of Hawaii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Free Tibet
For some in the Chinese Government, the fact that the Chinese occupied Tibet (Ming and Qing dynasties) is a good enough excuse to be there now:
History of Tibet
Alphabetical listing of Tibet Support Groups
Chinese support for Tibet
Chinese Democratic Party to Support Tibet
Chinese Solidarity with Tibetan People

Home - European Council on Refugees and Exiles
Tolstoy and the Doukhobors

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